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Augusta National & The Masters

Photos Taking us Back to the Beginning of the Masters

Frank and Lee enjoying the veranda at Augusta National
As we are in the final days before the Masters, we wanted to share some special photos with you. Frank Christian, Sr., was a great friend of Bobby Jones', and became the Club Photographer soon after Augusta National opened. Please enjoy the paragraph by Frank Christian, Jr., as well as the photos by both Frank Sr. and Frank Jr. 

Frank Christian, Jr. and Lee Brandenburg, owner of Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, are great friends and share the love for Augusta National and the Masters. In this picture you can see Mr. Frank Christian, Jr and Mr. Brandenburg enjoy the scenery from the veranda at Augusta National.

This blog post only contains a couple of pictures from this incredible collection. To view all of them (there are over 100 great Masters  photos), please go to:

As told by Frank Christian, Jr:

Frank Christian, Sr, in Augusta
1927, as he was the apprentice to
his uncle Montell. Six years later,
he became the photographer
for the newly established
Augusta National Golf Club
Bobby Jones and Dr. Alister Mackenzie, scoping
out the future Augusta National design, 1932
Photo by Frank Christian, Sr
"My father, Frank Christian, came to Augusta in 1927 to learn the photography trade from his uncle, Montell. In the course of photographing guests at the newly constructed Forrest Hills Resort, my father met and became friends with Bobby Jones who played the Augusta course often. In 1930, Jones' Grand Slam year, my father covered the Southeastern Open, which was held at the Forrest Hills course and the Augusta Country Club. Bobby Jones was impressed with my father's work and soon after invited him to accept the job as Club Photographer at the newly formed Augusta National Golf Club. I sort of grew up there. I was introduced to Bobby Jones in 1942 when I accompanied my father to the ANGC for an assignment. Mr. Jones must have taken a liking to me because he gave me one of his golf clubs along with my first golf lesson. As my father's assistant, I made my first photos at the Masters in 1948. I worked at the club with my father through 1954 when my father had a massive heart attact. His career was over and I carried on with his work. I was the Club Photographer at the ANGC for a 52 year period, retiring in 2000. Most of the information about our family is contained in my book, The Augusta National and the Masters, A Photographers' Scrapbook." 

Horton Smith putting on the 8th green of the first Masters
Invitational Golf Tournament in 1934. Denny Shute
is looking on. Photo by Frank Christian, Sr

To purchase prints, please email Frank Christian, Jr. himself at

For more information, consider ordering the book Augusta National & The Masters, written by Frank Christian. 

Here is a video clip of an interview with Frank Jr. from the Golf Channel:

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