Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Augusta National and Lee Brandenburg

Brandenburg Historical Golf Museum

President Eisenhower's Green Members Jacket
If you have had a chance to stroll through the Brandenburg Historical Golf Museum, you know that Augusta and the Masters are represented very well. There is a wonderful collection of all sorts of types of memorabilia – from a Masters water bottle to Ike’s Green Members Jacket. Mr. Brandenburg's affection of Augusta National and Dwight Eisenhower goes back a while. 

Mr. Brandenburg during his
years of service
Lee Brandenburg was stationed at Camp Gordon near Augusta National as a young lieutenant in the mid 1950's. He had read in the paper that President Eisenhower was going to be playing golf at Augusta National and decided to investigate. He took a buddy with him and found a seldom used dirt track that lead to the course. Lee and his buddy were apprehended by the secret service and held until President Eisenhower could play through. When the President saw the two  young soldiers in uniform, standing by the green he had just played, he walked over and chatted with them, and of course, told the security to release them. 
Christian (left) and Brandenburg enjoying the Masters from
the veranda at Augusta National

This is not an isolated incident. Lee has a colorful history of sneaking into events without credentials. The list is too long to mention here.

This wonderful story has been shared by Frank Christian, official photographer for the Augusta National from 1952 - 2000, and close friend of Lee's.

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